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Projects Map in India

Demonstration Projects in India

India is an important partner country for Japan and has high potential of economic growth. India has also signed an MOU with IEA (January 2021) for strategic partnership therefore making India an important player in global energy scenario. With high growth, there will be more consumption of energy and there will be issues related to environment. These challenges also present us with an opportunity to make energy transition towards a more sustainable growth. NEDO has been contributing to India in overcoming these challenges by introducing cutting edge Japanese technologies in the form of NEDO demonstration projects. NEDO has implemented various demonstration projects in the field of smart community such as solar power generation with micro-grid system, energy storage, green telecom towers and green hospitals and, energy efficiency in large industrial sector such as steel and cement.

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Joint R&D Project in India

NEDO India is also promoting joint R&D projects among Universities, research Institutions and centre of excellence between India and Japan in field of clean energy.

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Research Projects

NEDO New Delhi Office commissions studies on current situation, Indian Government policy and other topics with special reference to Energy and Industrial Technology. The research provides a clear picture of how India is progressing towards its objectives in such fields as renewable energy, hydrogen, smart mobility, robotics and startup ecosystem. The studies cover public and private sector activities, including public private partnerships and India-Japan collaborations.